The Misadventures of Dean “Roadmap” Reilly

So it’s almost here, our very first training event! The London Marathon!  If we wanted a memorable start, then I don’t think we could have picked any better.

With just over a week to go the nerves start to kick in, with an even mixture of excitement and worry.  Will I get threw this? Will I get hurt? How will I recover from this one? These are just a few of the thoughts flying around my mind right now.

In the run up to this event we got our fantastic Italian road bikes from Willie at QBikes.  The bikes are incredible! Willie even took me and the lads out for a bit of bike training which was a great learning curve for us all.



Now I’m going to get this out there before the boys do… Willie asked us to ‘ride around the block and return, test the bikes out guys’ was his shout! So I go last and I honestly don’t have any defence for this but I got lost.


Now you’d think getting a wee bit lost cycling around the block would be bad enough but no, the lads actually had to embark on a search and rescue mission to find me as I was cycling around this industrial park with not a clue what way to go.

Derek has now Christened me ‘Roadmap Reilly’, however Barry is sticking to his initial reaction which was ‘Dean’o I literally have no words!’ I can’t decide which is worse to be honest. It really was a bad day at the office for me, and worst yet it’s not going away for a while.

With regards to the training we are now starting to hit 3 hour sessions at times.  I can honestly say it’s almost as draining mentally as it is physically.  I actually have scars on the tops of my thighs from being on the rowing machine so long, currently it’s 21k on the rower.

There are a few things that are just not a laughing matter presently.  Top of the list is chafing! It’s nobody’s friend!

IT bands! I didn’t know what they were, or that I even had them, but I now know what they are and it seems that I have really annoyed them too!

I was recently introduced to a foam roller, I must say I’m not a fan of them.  However I do appreciate the benefits they bring to the table, I am just not a lover of the discomfort they cause me just now.


We are all feeling the aches and pains from training, personally I have been getting acupuncture for the last two weeks and can feel a huge difference.

I have also been using the oxygen therapy at the MS Therapy in Leith. Again this always helps with recovering not just from training but also with the pains I get from my MS.


With a week to go until London and it’s all about keeping calm and staying injury free and getting the last few training sessions in. This will be my second time doing the London Marathon but this time I am far more excited than last year as I know how fantastic a day it really is.

The people that line the streets to cheer and support all the runners, the iconic buildings and places we run past is just incredible. Personally I can’t wait!

So folks that’s a little snapshot into how things are for me just now.  I could go on all night and complain about how many washings I’m having to put on a day now to keep up cleaning my training kits and also the price of washing tablets these days but I’ll leave that to my househusband blog 🙂


Thanks so much to the people that have already donated and to everyone that’s already shared/liked the page and the posts. The support drives and motives us everyday and means the world to us all.

So please, please, please keep it up!

Much love Dean “Roadmap” Reilly X