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With only less than 6 weeks to go until the big challenge I thought it was time to give you all and insight on how the other 3 Cook’s have coped with everything!

Let’s start with the washing….what a pain in the a** that is! 2-3 towels and really smelly training gear to wash everyday and I mean really smelly! Someone owes me at least £1000 in washing tablets!

I’m not going to lie as a family it has been really hard on us all sometimes. We are really proud of Barry and his commitment to this challenge, but…he spends a lot of time training which means we don’t see him that much or get to do as many family things together as we normally would – especially at the weekends.

We have sacrificed our summer holiday…suffered Barry falling asleep on the couch by 9pm most nights…Barry moaning or in a mood when injured or can’t do a training session!

But we understand why and even if I say so myself, the kids and I have been extremely understanding and supportive! (Definitely earned myself a new Mulberry Bag)

Barry and Derek have been training for over 10 months now. It seems so long ago that we were sitting chatting about it and thinking – ‘yes it will be hard but let’s do it’!

I know Barry better than anyone and I know Derek very well too…they can both be completely infuriating, stubborn pain in the bloody arses!! But I knew from day 1 once they had committed to this challenge neither of them would ever give up. It means far too much to them both.

For the past 9 years the Cook’s and the McEwan’s have been good friends.

2003 was the year Jenny was born and the year Derek founded The Catherine McEwan Foundation in memory of his mum. We didn’t know then that 4 years later on our paths would cross after Jenny being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

56d9bc6e-3d30-4026-8396-204ebfebad06No one’s mum should pass away age 38 and no parent should have to watch their 4 year old daughter in so much pain.
But it happens and it is still happening – all because of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Barry and Derek have taken on this big challenge to help change this.

What they have achieved already is incredible and I know like us, you will all continue to help, support and encourage them to the finish line in Paris!!