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So London is done and dusted and all though the blisters, aches and pains it still remains full steam ahead!

With the Edinburgh marathon just a around the corner the attention shifted to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity Bike ride. It was the 40 mile route the guys and I were doing.  I was really looking forward to the event and meeting all the people from the charity.

The Challenge started well as we cycled through Glasgow and through the hospital grounds. The Clyde tunnel was definitely an experience. It starts with a very steep down hill (on the flying machines that we were given by Willie at QBikes Paisley) it was a real white knuckle ride!  However then the uphill came and it was a challenging wee incline that’s for sure.IMG_8143

Around 4 miles in I was just starting to feel warmed up and enjoying the cycle and that’s when disaster struck!  Both clets (the wee things that attach my shoes to the pedals) snapped with one actually sticking inside the pedal.  It meant it was the end of the cycle for me. The boys continued on and done amazingly well. For me this was the first time I’ve had to pull out of a challenge and it was a bitter pill for me to swallow to say the least.

As we move onto the Edinburgh marathon it’s full on with the training. This week we are training every day. It’s real hard graft now.  When you tell people that you’re training five days (or in this week it’s all 7 days) I don’t think we can express just how hard it is on all of us. Each of us are carrying niggles and little injuries from London, but we don’t get the time off. Right now it’s all about getting our bodies used to being pushed to its limits day after day to prepare for what’s ahead.



This week we got out in the water for the first time with Michael from the Clydesdale Rowing Club. Have to admit I personally loved it. I’ve been having nightmares about rowing machines and now starting to really hate them. So although getting out on the water was incredibly tough, it was completely different to what I expected but thoroughly enjoyable.  Let’s hope that remains the case after a few hours in the water!!





So looking at the training for this week, it ends with a three hour and fifty minute run on the Saturday and the same for the cycling on the Sunday.  To be honest I look at it and think how am I going to drag my myself round this, how am I going to be able to do that this weekend! Then it hits me that even as tough as that might be, its nothing to what’s coming at the end of August.

Then the bottle really starts to crash! The best way I like to describe this challenge is simply this…. It’s heavy techno!


As always folks thanks so much for all the support it means so much to all of us and please if you can spare even just a pound then please do! If not then share the page and share the post.

Thanks and much love,

Dean X