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More than a few weeks have passed since London and I know Derek has covered it in another blog but it’s worth mentioning again. It was an incredible day, made even better by having the family along. To hear wee Alex say it was the best day of his life really made it one of mine. Even the Ice Wumman, Kirsteen, was all misty eyed -but I’m saving that story for another day!!

The support along the whole route was like nothing I could have imagined – seeing Big Andy at half way was a nice surprise and it was also great to catch up with 2 of my cousins (Lee and David) for a beer. It was real testament to the training, since October, that Derek and I ran it so comfortably – talking, laughing and having a great time the whole way whilst getting through the miles.

Anyway that training event, along with the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity cycle, are distant memories now. The next training event is the Edinburgh Marathon on the 29th May and training is really building up as Kev wants us to go into that feeling fatigued so we can experience a little taste of what arch 2 arc will be like. We will be doing long runs on the Saturday before and the Monday after so the legs will be really feeling it!


The old body continues to take a bit of a battering with training 7 days a week. My foot problem has never really gone away and I’m now having issues with my left shoulder. The sports massage helps greatly and a big thanks to Natalie Kyle at NK Sports Massage for always fitting me me. I’ve also been trying acupuncture and taping which I do feel make a difference. I bought enough tape at the London marathon expo to cover the distance between London and Paris! I also bought a cooling bandage off Gary Hobbs from Eastenders but that’s another story!

The static rowing continues to kill me – not so much physically now but definitely mentally. 16 miles in over 2 hours non-stop really takes its toll but I have covered this before. I did see this post from UFC Fighter, Connor McGregor on social media to sum it up again.

We have been out on the Clyde rowing a good few times now with Michael, our rowing coach,  from the Clydesdale Rowing Club. That’s going really well and Michael has clearly identified his star pupil early doors.

We are already up to rowing together and work continues on technique and getting rid of all the bad habits we have picked doing many miles on the static.


Training solo is pretty much a lonely existence so it’s good to get out on the bikes on a Sunday with Derek to get some miles in. We have a good route out to Strathaven (or Strath-haven as Derek calls it) and we are already looking to take this out further. It’s key we get some good mileage in. This weekend is a 3.5 hour run and a 4.15 hour cycle. You do fall out of love with the training – and I certainly have the last week, but it’s not an option, it has to be done.

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Last week I spent some time at Jenny’s school, Williamwood High, watching the first year pupils take on the Arch2Arc distances. They have also been fundraising and we can’t thank them enough for their support. Also great to see Barclays and Morgan Stanley heavily involved as well. Please get in touch if you would like to take part.

Thanks again for all the support