Barry’s blog #2

Well over 2 months since my last blog so thought I would do a quick update.

We have now passed the 4 months of sustained training (5 days out of 7) and I am really pleased with how things are going.
Like Derek said in his previous blog, this is also the longest I have sustained a period of high level training. Let’s not kid ourselves though, it’s not really an option and vital to having any chance of completing the main event, as well as the ‘warm up’ marathons!
sixDecember was a busy month for the family as we were invited to Downing Street for a reception with the Prime Minister and for my daughter, Jenny, to collect her Point of Light award. We had a great time and Trainer Kev was able to tweak my programme so I could get out for an early morning run on the Friday. I took the chance to run up to Marble Arch and get a good look at our starting point – I also sent the boys a picture to prove that the training doesn’t stop even when you are on your holidays! Was brilliant to hear that so many friends and family plan to see us off in August and painful to know they will hit the pub as soon as we are out of

We also had a visit to the house from the First Minister of Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon was out to officially open Jenny’s new fundraising office and Derek and I got the chance to talk to her about our plans for the year. She was very impressed and we promised we would keep her up to date with our progress.

Training over the winter months has been tough as times – no doubt about it… but it has also been really rewarding and a great feeling when you get those early morning sessions over and see progress week to week. As well as ‘big run’ day on a Sat we now have ‘big row day’ on a Monday. The run is up to 2 hours 45 (approx 15 miles) and the row is around 1 hour (approx 8 miles) with some endurance and speed cycling inbetween.

We also completed a circuit session (my first ever!) with Kev a couple of weeks ago and I am sure some if you will have seen the video! It is not pretty to be fair!

threeMy weight / training heart rate continues to come down which is keeping me motivated to make the targets set. I have also joined another gym in the City Centre so I can pick between that and EK depending on my day. Kirsteen usually comes out and does part of the big run on a Saturday. This weekend we were in Rothesay and had a great run up to the St Blanes Chapel, although taking the wrong route on the way and climbing a number of steep hills wasn’t the greatest idea in the world but the scenery was incredible. We are planning on taking the bikes over for some cycle training as we are also targeting the Yorkhill cycle in May.

It is great that people are really engaging in what we are doing. I am always being asked how things are going in the office and at the football when picking up Alex. There is a real chance for people to get involved in the coming months and join our team whilst looking to replicate the challenge distance. You can do this as a team in a relay or individually if you prefer. I know we also have plans to speak with some schools who are interested.

fourWe also have some big news to announce on our rowing team support and bike sponsor. This has totally blown us away and it was a major item on our list to have confirmed. Needless to say we are delighted – look out for the news soon.
There are loads of ways to get involved and support – individually or perhaps even as a business. We are on the lookout for support cars, branding. clothing etc and will gladly talk to anyone who can assist us.

Finally, I had my very first sports massage last night. Have to say I wish I had done that sooner twoand have already booked in again for next week!
Thanks, as always, for all your support. It means the world and really drives us as we look to raise as much funds as possible for 3 great charities close to our hearts.

Barry x