A word from Kevin Henderson Arch 2 Arc Endurance Coach

The challenge of running 87 miles, rowing 29 miles then cycling 181 miles requires fitness, focus and determination. Barry, Derek and Dean have now been training solidly for over 6 months and the initial preparatory phase of their training is complete.



This has focussed on getting them adjusted to consistent training and progressively increasing the training load. It was key to build a solid foundation on which the next stage can progress from. The London marathon is next for the trio and after that we will be looking to get them outdoors on the bikes, rowing and continuing with the long runs. Phase 1 has not been without obstacles but the boys have shown commitment and worked through injuries and illnesses and we have adapted the training along the way.

kevin 1

Phase 2 will now start to focus on the technical side of the three sports whilst continuing to build on the endurance. Getting them ready for August is going to require them to draw on every ounce of physical and mental strength but I have every confidence in this trio and excited to be working with them on the next training block.

kevin 2